Sunday, December 9, 2007

Umbraco + Member Controls + Image Verification

Adding image verification to the already supplied Umbraco Member Controls is pretty straight forward. Feel free to download the source files here or the complied files here.

Example of outcome

Please remember that the members controls are part of the Umrabco repository so any upgrades could results in the following information being overwritten.

1. Copy the membercontrols.dll into the bin directory of your website.
2. Upload umbRegister.ascx and image.ascx to the usercontrols/umbracoMemberControls/ directory.
3. Create a new macro and assign image.asxc to the .net dropdown
4. Tick use in editor

4. Create a new page called Image-Verification /image-verification.aspx and then add your macro to the page.

5. Cross your fingers and hope for the best :)


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