Thursday, June 12, 2008

Web Service Code Generator + Help Needed!

Wanting to return datasets or datatables from webservice to Crystal Xcelsius?? I have the solution.

I am currently looking for some people to test my Web Service code generator, if anyone has a spare 15 minutes you can download it from

btw I built in about 30 minutes with Umbraco, including adding a contact form and dynamically generating the top navigation bar. Man I love Umbraco!



Sarel Smit said...

Ok, you claim Umbraco is so great... I am a mid-level developer and have done sites where I code the CMS myself. I have heard of Umbraco's reputation, where can I download a few simple example sites??

Thank you

Skiltz said...

When you download Umbraco it comes with no "templates" installed, however once installed if you want to install an example site you can go to developer then right mouse click on macro and then import package.