Sunday, February 22, 2009

Web Service Generator for Databases

Want to generate web services quickly without having to write code?

Download at the following address.

Generating web services can sometimes be sometiems be tedious. I built this little program so I could build web services quickly and easily.

I use the web service to produce graphs using Xcelsius.

Any comments suggestions bugs relating to this software please flick me an email.



Skiltz said...
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John said...

What a great little product. I am no power programmer or database guru but was able to turn my SQL Queries into web services with this tool.

Michael said...

I was able to download the code from, but now it is not available. What happen. I would love to talk to you about this little application, it is quite good. How else can I contact you? Thanks.


Skiltz said...
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Jeroen said...


I tested your webservice generator. I must say it works perfectly for me right now. I had a litte bit of a problem with authorization to the SQL database. I made a special SQL login with some more rights and now it works.
I tested only the simple select statements. Tomorrow I will test input webservice parameters and EXECUTE stored procedures.

Thank you for creating such a nice program. Greetings Jeroen

Jeroen said...


I use your program frequently and it is great !

One request: When I use insert or update statements in the webservice call the statement is really executed during testing. This means that when I generate the webservice the testvalues are inserted in the databaes. Generating several times during development means a lot of testrecords in my databae.

Could it be possible to test the statements on validity without really inserting,updating records?

thanks in advance

Regards Jeroen