Sunday, June 14, 2009

nopCommerce vs dashCommerce?

Anyone have any thoughts? I have been a big fan of dashCommerce in the past and I have many websites still running dashCommerce with a lot of success, however recently I've become less favourable towards dashCommerce and I'm not exactly sure why. When dashCommerce use to be the CommerceStarterKit there use to be a huge community/help each other out feel to the software and to the community. However dashComemrce now doesn't seem quite this way and with the introduction of having to pay for certain provider I would suggest this has gone a long to making the software seem less from open source. I've just started a new e-commerce store (still in development) and I had a search around for other open source shopping carts. I stumbled upon nopCommerce (how did I not know about this before!) and all I can say is WOW so far, the architecture seems very similar to dashCommerce there are plenty of free providers and most importantly there seems to be a great feel to the nopCommerce community. I look forward to working with this software and will let you know how it goes. If you have some thoughts on dashCommerce or nopCommerce then I would love to hear them.


Hemant Kamalakar said...

I think nopcommerce is a great shopping cart.

Russ said...

I like nopCommerce from what I can see, but I have reservations about the following:

-their list of sample sites is small (see "show off" section of their forum)
-the code requires VS2008 (that's gonna cost me USD$500+).

overall I'm impressed with their site and documentation. I will be keeping my eye on them and their community to see where this goes.


krog said...

Are you having a positive experience with nopCommerce? I am working on an ASP.NET/SQL Server project and am looking for a good open source shopping cart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I have not tried nopCommerce yet, but am going to be downloading it shortly.

I have a client website running on DashCommerce and will likely be migrating this to nopCommerce very soon.

THE DASHCOMMERCE WEBSITE IS NO LONGER THERE. Chris Cyvas' website is also no longer available, so I can only imagine that they have gone to the wall.



Paul Knopf said...

I have used by carts for my clients.

I initially used dashCommerce, and then moved me and all my clients to nopcommerce.

dashCommerce is highly unstable and buggy. It was even of the map for a couple months, no support, forums, downloads or anything. The UI has some known bugs that the developer refuses to fix because of the time it will take to fix them, for example, skus. If a user changes a sku after the product has been created, the site pukes. The developer knows this and just tells people to "not change skus". We can't professionally tell our end users to do the same.

NopCommerce is also well designed and structured. It was developer with future development in mind, as compared to dashCommerce's "Just get functionality to the end user quickly" mindset.