Friday, April 2, 2010

nopCommerce and Umbraco

I have two major passions when it comes to .net open source projects and they are Umbraco and nopCommerce.  What I am planning on doing is building a nopCommerce package for Umbraco.  There are plenty of good commerce packages already for Umbraco and I have nothing against these packages I just love nopCommerce and would like to be able to use it within the Umbraco framework.  I don’t think is going to be a quick task and will probably need to be spanned over many months.  I’m going to try and blog what I do so other .Net applications might be able to use some of the challenges I encounter and how they might go about resolving them.   Please check back here regularly to check on my progress.  Will also try and get a package up into codeplex.  Wish me luck!

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