Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook removing default landing page

Wow... Last month we finally got around to creating a default landing page for our facebook fan page (OHbaby Fan Page) then just 1 month later we've been upgraded to a "timeline" layout and lost the ability to show gated like content.

At first this was quite frustrating because we had great success with the default landing page, the old default landing page would ask people to like our fan page and if so they could then enter a draw to win an ipod tocuh in exchange for joining our website. This resulted in lots of new fans to our facebook page and new members to our website.

The solution to the problem was to create a promotional post (and link it to our facebook tab page) on our timeline and then "pin to top" in the post settings.  This results in the post staying at the top of timeline and any new visitors will see this post.  This does mean the new user will have to make an extra click, however we have found that if the post has the right message then the click through ratio will be quite high anyway.

Good Luck :)

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