Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Outlook SMS Appointment Reminders

Recently I had been approached by a couple of financial planning advisors in Australia looking for a way to send their clients text appointment reminders directly from Outlook.

If you're in the financial planning game then each appointment matters, can lead to a decent sale and you don't want to loose that opportunity to close a deal.

Appointment Reminder Australia has this ability and it works really well, sending SMS reminders. Each reminder does an extra 30 seconds or so per appointment but it has been a good ROI for these clients.


  1. Goto and signup for a FREE trial.

  2. You'll need to download the correct version depending on which version of Outlook you using.  The software supports Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.
  3. Once installed go into you calendar and right mouse click on any event in the calendar.  You will see a new option called "create appointment reminder"

  4.  When you click on create appointment reminder you will need to enter the details of the client so they get the SMS reminder.

  5. Reminder Details Screen

  6.  Click save and you're done.

Pretty cool aye? There are also options for changing the wording of the SMS message so it's tailored to your business, ability to send them 24 hours before, 48 hours before or whatever suits your business the best.

If you're wanting to reduce your no show rate or want to add another level of communication with your clients check out Appointment Reminder for sending sms/text reminders.

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