Thursday, October 6, 2011

My First Facebook Application

Recently I have been exploring the Facebook Graph and API and was asked to create a Week By Week Pregnancy application for OHbaby!.

It basically does the following
- You enter your babies date of birth (Due date calculator) found here.
- OHbaby! sends you a week by week account of what your baby is up to.

We are using to schedule the job which seems to be working pretty well so far (When we get 1000's of user we'll see how it goes)

So far I am pretty happy with how its going. Posting messages to Facebook seem to be working pretty well thanks to the Facebook C# SDK.

Check out the application at to see the flow.


Bence said...

Hi Skiltz! I couldn't find a way to send you an email or PM on blogger, so I'm leaving a comment here. :) I have a few questions regarding your webservice generator program ( Could you let me know how I could contact you? :) Thanks! Bence

Skiltz said...

Hi Bence.

You can contact me @