Friday, February 3, 2012

Umbraco 5 Hanging on Install IIS7

First chance today to look at Umbraco 5. Unfortunately I haven't looked at many of the previous versions of Umbraco 5 so was really keen to get into it and start a new project so I could all the new cool features.

Unfortunately I got stopped at the first step, created a new database, created a new site IIS 7 and browsed to the new site. The install just hang with the wait cursor just going round and round. After going insane for a few hours I discovered the fix was disbale Link Scanner in AVG. You can disable this by opening the AVG user interface goto tools > advanced settings > link scanned then unticking the 3 options. Hope this gets you on your way. Hoping to bring you lots more Umbraco 5 blog posts in the weeks and months to come.

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Wing said...

Thanks! Have been looking for hours!